5 Tips for Managing a Successful SDR Team

5 Tips for Managing a Successful SDR Team

Managing a team takes hard work, especially because everyone thrives best in different environments. By setting goals, offering training, and taking time to hire new employees, you put your team on the path to success. Let’s dive deeper into what you need to do to walk down that path!

Hire Carefully

Take time to interview candidates whenever you have additional onboard employees. It becomes easier to find someone who fits in with your company culture, which keeps workers motivated. Everyone likes a team environment.

By taking the time you need, you’re also more likely to find candidates with the skills and personality to make your SDR team successful.

Monitor Metrics

Once a month, look at how sales are doing and what could be better about them. For example, maybe email marketing is going great, but cold calls are another story. In this instance, outsourced SDR services can help. Companies like Racket Reps handle researching leads and making cold calls, so your sales team can focus on closing the deal.

Regularly Set Goals

Individual, team, and company goals keep workers motivated. Ensure you communicate all expectations and company goals to your sales reps, so there’s no room for confusion.

Setting goals is one thing but reviewing them is another. We recommend reviewing goals once a month as this allows you to analyze collected data best and make necessary changes.

Pro Tip:

As you establish goals, one tip for managing a successful SDR team is setting trajectory goals for each individual. One-on-ones are a great way to do this. First, find out where the individual would like to improve, then create a plan together to reach the goals they’ve established.

Offer Great Training

An employee best thrives when they receive great training throughout the onboarding process. This helps familiarize new workers with the company culture and expectations. Similarly, those new to sales may not understand the procedures. Teach new workers about:

  • The product or service they’ll sell
  • What the company goals are
  • How to handle rejection

By taking this time, you become a reliable resource for all employees. Each member of your SDR team is only as successful as you make them, so give them the tools to thrive.

Openly Communicate

Open communication is among the most important ingredients for growth. By keeping things consistent, you can always provide employees with constructive criticism and positive feedback. Likewise, open communication allows your employees to tell you what you’re doing right and what’s going well within the company.

Noting various tips for managing a successful SDR team helps you try out different forms of leadership. Communicate with your staff and analyze metrics to seek out where you can improve. If you’ve decided that outsourcing some of your SDR services is the best option, then call Racket Reps. We’ll work closely alongside you for the perfect business plan so you can focus on keeping your team motivated.

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