5 Tips To Keep Your Sales Team Motivated During Summer

5 Tips To Keep Your Sales Team Motivated During Summer

Everyone looks forward to summer because of all the fun outdoor activities. However, one of those fun things usually isn’t making sales calls. Explore these five tips to keep your sales team motivated during summer to start the last quarter with momentum.

Educational Opportunities

Ongoing training and the opportunity to broaden one’s skillset is a wonderful way to continue to motivate your sales team during the dog days of summer.  This is the ideal incentive and motivational tool for people that feed on gaining knowledge in areas that might be a blind spot for them. 

Engaging staff by giving additional training sessions full of new, comprehensive information for the present-day and future gives them something to focus on when times are slow.  

Words of Affirmation

It’s common for your partner to yearn for words of affirmation at home. Simple quips and gestures go a long way in providing them happiness. You can take that same thought process to the office because your sales team also likes hearing how amazing they are.

No matter the field, feeling underappreciated in a job is a drain on your mental well-being. The commutes to and from work will make you question whether your superiors even care about you. Sometimes, a verbal “you’re doing a great job” erases any self-doubt and animosity a disgruntled worker may have.

Friendly Competitions

The well runs dry for many sales personnel during the summer months. With many clients out of the office to enjoy what summer weather has to offer until winter comes rolling in, it can be frustrating to get in touch with any leads. If your sales staff is hitting multiple dead ends, motivating them with friendly yet rewarding competition could get their juices flowing.

Most salespeople are naturally competitive so an interoffice battle could give those struggling a nudge in the right direction.

Working Virtually

Think back to your days as a student and the mental boost you received when the instructor moved the class outside on a nice day. Imagine the serotonin boost your sales staff will have if they are able to work remotely and soak up the sun.

Assuming that a member of your staff is in good standing, give them a day or two away from the office, especially if their work doesn’t suffer. Offering that flexibility keeps a sales team happy and rejuvenated for when they must hunker down come fall.

Maximum Earning Potential

Many companies employ commission caps to limit what their sales team can do. A cap makes logistical sense from the company’s perspective because it can pull in the reigns when business is hot. However, during the summer lull, eliminating commission caps can provide extra incentive to capitalize on the opportunity.

Lastly, it never hurts to give out raises in the summer. Receiving a raise gives a person a little more pep to their step when they may be dragging their feet behind.

Using any or all of these five tips that keep your sales team motivated during summer can help make the most out of these trying months. If you are worried your in-house sales team is on summer vacation, you should consider trying Racket Reps. Racket Reps has helped countless businesses in the United States for over three decades with our SDR outsourcing services. Contact us if you want to know how we can help your business.