5 Ways To Improve Your Cold Calling Strategy

5 Ways To Improve Your Cold Calling Strategy

For the most part, not even the experts enjoy cold calling, but it’s still essential to any sales strategy. By knowing various ways to improve your cold calling strategy, you can also easily get new leads. Follow in the footsteps of the experts so that you’re ready the next time you pick up the phone.

Research First

Before you can even think about picking up the phone, you need to research the lead to note all pertinent information. A thorough knowledge of your lead ensures that the prospects coincide with your company and allows you to make the call more personal. You should look for:

  • Client articles: check and see if they have a news page on their website.
  • Social media accounts: look at sites like LinkedIn for an account.
  • Recent events: find out what they’re hosting or attending.

All this information provides you with more to talk about as you tailor the call to your prospect. Compliment leads on one of their recent successes, and then explain what your company can do for theirs.

Learn From Rejection

Rejection is always difficult, but it’s also a worthwhile learning experience. Rather than letting team members get bogged down by a refusal, determine what went wrong and why. Another option is to have workers politely ask prospects why they refused business. Most importantly, find ways to improve your strategy while also reminding your workers of how great they are.

Have a Speaking Plan

Have an elevator pitch just like you would in a job interview; it should primarily cover a brief introduction and your reason for calling. Another way to improve your cold calling strategy is to create a script for calls outlining what employees need to say and how to answer various arguments.

Remember to keep it brief as you sell your product or service. It’s also important that you and fellow sales members read notes without sounding scripted. After all, if a person on the other end suspects that you’re reading from a script, the call won’t feel personal.

Find a Calling Schedule

Certain times of day may work better than others or be more convenient for your leads. The research will come into play here since you’ll need to understand what times are best for your industry. For example, while some may have downtime in the morning, other target industries may just be ramping up at that time.

Make Better Use of Time

You could take time to retrain employees, analyze problems, and search out various solutions, or you could outsource this task. Outsourcing your sales team is easy, and it also gives you and your team more time to focus on closing deals.

Extensive research is necessary to make a successful cold call, yet it takes a fair amount of time. By working with companies specializing in outsourced cold calling services, you can have someone else handle the prep work. For a company that’ll collaborate with yours and create the ideal game plan, contact Racket Reps! Make it easy for your business to thrive.

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