Cookie-Cutter vs. Custom: Which Type of Sales Force Is Best?

Cookie-Cutter vs. Custom: Which Type of Sales Force Is Best?

Everyone can appreciate and enjoy a delicious cookie. Once you eat the same type of cookie for a while, you start to grow tired of it. However, you know how to make several cookies in this fashion, so why change it? You can relate a sales team to that cookie, so let’s go over the type of sales force is best between a cookie-cutter or customized pitch.

The Cookie-Cutter Method

Sales approaches of the past didn’t have a lot of leeway. Everyone received the same training and guidance, making a sales force feel like the Stepford wives.

The cookie-cutter salesperson pursues each client in the same manner, with the same proposition and answers. As a result, smaller transactional sales occur, which do little to increase revenue or gain recurring consumers.

There are advantages to this method, albeit it is more convenient than anything else. It’s easy to train a new-hire about the business and art of selling whatever your business is offering, but this only goes if everything is uniform. Additionally, it’s easier to replace someone if the replacement has the same skills. Some clients only care about the product, so they need someone to punch in the numbers and tell them the cost.

A robotic sales approach might have worked in the days of Dom Draper, but with all the information at our fingertips, the cookies tend to crumble.

Customization Adds Layers

A customizable sales force is quick-witted, relatable, and adaptable in their trade. Some salespeople botch the sale within minutes because they can’t read their clients. It’s as if the salesperson is reading off a teleprompter, and it goes black, making them struggle to find the right words.

Rather than freezing and having a personal “boom goes the dynamite” moment, a sales specialist with a customized pitch can easily get back on their feet. A custom sales force asks questions rather than the usual spiel. Most importantly, the custom sales technique is personable.

Each day, a client hears the same cookie-cutter pitch from several companies. It only takes a handful of “we offer the best prices” or “our company is cutting-edge” until it sounds the same. Articulating why a client should use your product or service through a detailed plan that relates to them has a greater possibility for conversion.

What’s Best for Your Company?

It’s clear that the custom sales force is best, especially when comparing it to the cookie-cutter method. One way to capitalize and have the best sales force is by employing the outsourced BDR services of Racket Reps.

Racket Reps strives to be an extension of your company’s greatest qualities. We work hard to ensure that our workers reflect the qualities you want. We work with your company to create a customized game plan and strategic sales strategy.