In-House vs. Outsourced SDR Team: What To Consider

In-House vs. Outsourced SDR Team: What To Consider

A great sales team is essential to a successful business. And to prosper, your employees need a natural talent for selling and fantastic leads to guide them. You’ll also need a team to collect information on clients and compile a database to keep things running smoothly. Essentially, you need a sales development representative team. Learn what to consider when deciding whether you want an in-house vs. outsourced SDR team by reading this guide.

What Is an SDR Team?

SDR stands for sales development representatives. This team handles outbound prospecting and helps set up meetings so account executives can focus on closing deals with new clients. Because of this, they’re necessary to any company. Without the SDR team members working in the background, there would be no new customers to contact.

Understanding an In-House SDR Sales Team

With an in-house sales team, you can shape employees the way you see fit since they’re all members of your company. This also means covering costs for:

  • Equipment, including computers and necessary software.
  • Office supplies, such as a desk, chair, pens, and more.
  • Extra expenses, which may consist of employee benefits and other costs.

Additionally, if you decide to go with an in-house SDR sales team, you’ll have to handle the hiring and training process. Finding employees that fit in with your company culture and have the skills you’re looking for is the key to success. But this takes time, and as you search out the perfect candidate, you may also lose critical time for the sales team to close deals.

Understanding an Outsourced SDR Sales Team

SDR outsourcing companies save your company money and time—Racket Reps is an ideal example of this! We work to alleviate the financial pain your company may otherwise face. By hiring an outside company to handle outbound marketing, you can stop worrying about the many costs that accompany an in-house sales team.

Another reason many companies outsource their SDR sales team is that they typically get the job done faster. So long as you provide the outsourced SDR sales team with all the necessary information from the start, they’ll easily target clients and set up appointments.

Knowing what to consider when deciding which is better—in-house vs. outsourced SDR team—ensures success. A lot goes into deciding whether an in-house or outsourced SDR sales team best serves your company. If you have the time and resources, an in-house team can be beneficial. However, if you want information and appointments set up quickly, outsourcing is your best option.

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