Methods Salespeople Can Use to Get over Rejection

Methods Salespeople Can Use to Get over Rejection

Many salespeople have predetermined approaches for responding to consumers in various scenarios. These specialists also develop the methods salespeople can use to get over rejection, allowing them to move on quickly and focus on their next opportunity.

Change Your Thinking

If you are unfamiliar with “The Secret,” it’s the idea that when you throw a thought out into the universe, your thinking about it causes it to happen. Hence, your thoughts should always be optimistic instead of gloomy. Nevertheless, negative thoughts do tend to creep in.

Regardless of what it is, no one likes rejection. But a “No” on a sales call stings more because if the noes continue, you might see the after-effects in your bank account. Therefore, the first step to overcoming rejection is to alter your thinking and embrace mindfulness.

Breathing exercises, taking a seat, and setting timed breaks are fantastic ways to regroup and take on the next objective with a clear mind.

Don’t Dwell on the Negatives

After getting the virtual stiff-arm from a potential client, emotions often spin out of control, potentially leading to a string of bad decisions.

To keep your brain from falling into the dark abyss, dig deep down and celebrate all the victories you had prior to this rejection. Unfortunately, a poker player tends to remember the “bad beats” more than the winning hand of a tournament. Salespeople are no different. Their thoughts may linger about the prospect that evaded them, and they don’t appreciate the good things they accomplished before. 

It’s Rarely Personal

Another way to transition toward a more successful mentality is to focus on the aspects of the selling process that you can influence. Did you make a blunder or speak to the incorrect person? Make a note of it and revise your plan accordingly.

It’s important to remember that your rejections are not entirely your fault.  If you phoned someone at the incorrect moment, it says nothing about your abilities or disposition; rather, it is a reminder that being a salesperson can be fickle and unpredictable. 

Continue to Grow

People that feel they progress via constructive criticism, hard effort, and innovative ideas outperform their cookie-cutter colleagues. It seems cliche to say someone should have a “growth mindset,” yet it’s the best strategy for improving your skills as a salesperson.

Embracing a growth mindset helps you overcome your fear of failure by allowing you to evaluate your performance critically and actively discuss difficulties with coworkers.

Build Strong Relationships with Your Customers

It is your responsibility to discover more about your prospects. It helps if they like you as a person, but you should strive to learn about the prospect’s desires, requirements, and obstacles. Customers are more prepared in today’s age than ever before. 

They do most of the hard work before meeting with you, so they have a strong inclination of what they’re going to do even before you speak.

This is where the concept of relationship selling comes into play. Ask intelligent questions and provide useful answers rather than prices and pitches. If you have a good rapport with them, they will be more prone to consider you down the line, even if it’s an entirely different product or service. Plus, what you sell may not work for them, but it could be for one of their colleagues or partners. 

Formulate a Better Gameplan

Assessing your tactics might help you make better use of your abilities. You may increase your sales success by modifying your approach or enhancing specific portions of your technique. Furthermore, buyers, colleagues, and your supervisors can offer guidance for identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Among the most prevalent tactics are:

  • Creating a social media profile and following your potential clients.
  • Demonstrating your product or services or offering a free trial.
  • Documenting your results, customizing them to what suits you.
  • Instill a feeling of urgency without being aggressive.
  • Further building your current customer relationships.

In sports, coaches watch films to develop strategies. While you won’t be breaking down your offensive live protection against a blitz, you can still improve if you learn from your mistakes and conjure up a solid gameplan.

Trust Your Intuition

A key aspect of developing a gameplan doesn’t require any spreadsheets or research. Instead, trusting your intuition is vital for becoming a better salesperson. You must learn how to read the room.

Reading people without being intrusive is a valuable skill in the business world. If any of your prospects have these red flags, it may be time to pull the plug:

  • They have a history of weaseling out on a deal.
  • They can’t explain what they need.
  • They aren’t nor will they have you talk with the decision-maker.
  • They don’t give you a budget.

Demonstrating any of these actions should give you pause for your next deal. And if they display any of these behaviors before you make the call, you shouldn’t beat yourself up. The answer was always going to be “No” regardless of what you pitched.

Let’s Talk about Practice

A rejection because you fumbled your pitch or didn’t have the answers to their questions can happen—even Michael Jordan missed some shots in the NBA Finals. Hitting the gym is how players finetune their shot, and practicing your technique is the best way to make it feel like second nature.

You can practice by writing a pitch and delivering it in a mirror. As you continue, you will realize that you’ll stop looking at what you wrote. The more natural and confident you sound increases your chances of getting that “Yes” you seek.

Another way to improve your skills is to shadow coworkers at the top of the sales leaderboard each month. You might pick up on things they do that you never thought of before. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so there’s no harm in taking a few tips from others.

Celebrate Good Times

Lastly, one of the best methods salespeople can use to get over rejection is to celebrate the wins when they occur. It can be something silly like a tally board, bell ringing, or a ridiculous chain worn around your neck for the day. Enjoy your victory instead of dwelling on defeat. Motivating yourself by knowing there will be a jubilant celebration at the end is all you need sometimes.

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Methods Salespeople Can Use to Get over Rejection