Top 6 Reasons To Outsource Your Business Development Team

Top 6 Reasons To Outsource Your Business Development Team

Relying on your internal sales staff to put out results daily could lead to substantial burnout. Rather than a team running on empty, you can invest in a temporary solution with permanent results. The top six reasons to outsource your business development team highlight the benefits of bringing in outside help.

Hidden Costs of Adding to Your Internal Sales Team

Every company has ebbs and flows. One month, everyone has their ear glued to their phones, while the following month may have them make paper airplanes at their desks because the pipeline is dry. The unpredictable nature of sales could have short-term implications for businesses because companies must pay their workers.

A company’s payroll isn’t as simple as the money you dish out for their salary. Other factors like payroll taxes, health insurance, and investing in retirement 401K accounts are all things employers must do for their hired employees. Those costs add to the bottom line, potentially leading to layoffs if that trend continues.

Another pitfall of trying to hire and build an internal business development team is the risk of them not panning out. While a hiring manager may have thought they found the perfect candidate, they could quit at any second, and all that time interviewing, filing paperwork, and training goes by the wayside.

When you outsource talented business development representatives, you only have to worry about the cost of the package, considering it’s a paid service with a fixed cost. The salary and benefits those individuals have with their company are within those costs. You don’t have to concern yourself with certain headaches when you call on help from an outside source.

Experts of the Trade

The beauty of utilizing a team of outsourced professionals is that they are already experts in their craft. Essentially, you are getting a team full of savvy veterans, as opposed to a squad full of rookies who will have their hiccups. While it’s nice to have quality employees internally, you risk them being incompetent or undependable, reflecting the downside of the cost of building your own team.

Representatives on an outsourced team know the ins and outs of the sales world because they have completed the work a million times. Hardly anything will surprise them, and they can adapt to any situation. It won’t take long for them to acclimate themselves to your business operations, making them a valuable resource.

A team of experts comprehends the importance of growing a business and meeting certain goals. Although they haven’t spent a day working for your company, that doesn’t mean they will lack the motivation to showcase their skills and ensure your sales pipeline flourishes.

Allows for More Flexibility

There are only so many hours in a day to accomplish your goals, and spending time on tasks you could rely on others to finish is the best way to free up time. You may have more pressing matters you need to attend to, but you’re trapped doing something else you don’t deem as necessary.

An outsourced business development team can deal with the grunt work while you shift your attention to items only you can handle. Losing time dealing with procedures, paperwork, and training could be a major hindrance for your company, so freeing up your time is crucial.

Additionally, an outsourced team gives you more flexibility, allowing you to adapt to any situation thrown your way. Several people on your team at home sick or on vacation could leave you helpless trying to make up for their production. With an outsourced team, you don’t have to worry about where you’ll get the help because you can add them in a pinch and move along seamlessly.

Increase Closing Sales

If coffee is for closers, the outsourced business development team you could hire would have an endless supply of it. Since they are sales connoisseurs, an outsourced team will act as the set-up man of a baseball team, handing the lead to the closer to finish the game.

These specialists can hunt down the most prosperous leads your sales reps can manage after the hand-off. Working in unison allows them to learn how your business works and what you want in a client. With that information, the new team will be hard at work, flooding your pipeline with fantastic clients so everyone can reap the rewards.

Test New Markets

Many businesses aspire to dip their toes in new markets. For whatever reason, many sales managers may be against expanding your sales territories. It could be that they lack the resources, or the fear of failure could put the company in a bad spot. However, outsourcing a BDR team is one way to test the waters and see where it can take you.

Considering that they are an outsourced bunch, they have experience dealing with folks from around the United States. They may know how to relate and speak with them, buttering them to come abroad. Introducing your product or services with hired guns quells the risk of trying.

Happier Customers

Dealing with your challenges in-house could lead to customers playing “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones or the hundreds of other artists who covered the track. An outsourced team can help in this regard in two ways.

The most obvious way an outsourced team is beneficial is that the customers talk to someone well-versed in the industry. Even if they are new to selling what you offer, their experience should have them pick it up in no time. Customers like talking to people who are thorough, honest, and dependable; an outsourced team is exactly that.

The second way it helps is it lessens the response time to the client. Some clients may get antsy when expecting a reply and sour on a potential relationship if you don’t answer them promptly. Having a team full of qualified BDRs gives you the chance to manage the clients who seem dissatisfied. Mending fences ensures a long-lasting relationship that benefits you and the customer.

These six reasons to outsource your business development team give insight into the importance of trusting a team specializing in a weak spot for your operation. If you are a U.S. business wanting to reach new heights, contact Racket Reps to help the cause.

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Top 6 Reasons To Outsource Your Business Development Team