Debunking 3 Common Outsourcing Sale Myths

Debunking 3 Common Outsourcing Sale Myths

You may want to make some changes to your sales company to keep things moving efficiently. Maybe some have suggested outsourcing, but you’re unsure about it because of some misconceptions. As experts, allow us to walk you through debunking three common outsourcing sale myths.

Only Big Companies Do It

If you’re a smaller company, you may worry that outsourcing is unaffordable because it’s a common practice for large companies. However, this is inaccurate, and companies of all sizes can outsource their BDR and SDR services.

Outsourcing your lead generation services is more inexpensive and cost-effective than you’d think. You won’t have to spend time and resources training in-house employees. You can instead have your salespeople focus on closing the deal.

They Won’t Sell as Well

You may have a few concerns with how well these services can truly sell your product since no one knows your business as you do. Unfortunately, this myth is all too common, despite the fact that it’s false. SDR outsourcing companies like Racket Reps take time to sit down with clients and formulate a great game plan. We take time to fully understand your business to ensure we properly represent it while seeking out leads.

Not only does a quality SDR company collaborate with you to meet your business needs, but they also keep communication open. So, if you have concerns or want to change things, you can always reach out and change your strategy.

The Truth

Since lead generation companies put most of their resources into researching and contacting potential clients, they’re more likely to provide high-quality prospects. Take some work off your sales representatives’ plates so they can focus on onboarding future clients.

You Put Security at Risk

Many companies worry that by outsourcing, they are putting security at risk for a data breach. While this concern is common, it’s another myth. Many business owners fear that if the company they hire handles lead generation, they could jeopardize the company’s reputation by stealing its information. This could ruin their business. Similarly, in doing this, they’d risk facing legal fines.

After debunking three common outsourcing sale myths, you can decide whether hiring an outside service is the next best step. Typically, a business becomes more profitable when it hires other companies to handle specific tasks. Likewise, this is one of the advantages of outsourcing lead generation. For a lead generation company that you can count on, work with Racket Reps. Save time and keep your workers motivated to put their best foot forward!

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